I’m celebrating! Reinventing Ruthie is officially out! Fabulous reviews are being posted. A big thank you to everyone who has left a review. Yay! I admit that when my first novel, A Portrait of Marguerite, released I was afraid to look at the reviews for a year.

When Ruth Ann Templeton’s husband, Drew, leaves her for another woman, Ruthie is devastated. She seeks solace at their beach cabin in Puget Sound where she meets Victor, a neurologist who has marital problems of his own. Their relationship blossoms just as Ruthie’s husband moves home asking for forgiveness. But can Ruthie trust and forgive him or any man?”

I’m delighted to introduce my newest book, Reinventing Ruthie! I wrote the novel both from our Seattle home and our island beach house in the Puget Sound. The differences between city and beach life meander through the book.

Our fabulous Pacific Northwest beaches are short on sand, and long on driftwood, rocks, pebbles—including treasured agates, a semi-precious stone that polishes up nicely in a rock tumbler— and the consistent ebbing and flowing of the tides. The fragrance of the salt water, the fluctuating sky and the gigantic clouds sailing past, get my creativity flowing.

Treasure hunting for agates and jaspers makes beach walks even more enjoyable. I pile my finds into mason jars to display their natural beauty.

For me, writing is both challenge and a joy. I ponder each twist in plot and each word. You might ask where did my purely fictional story come from? Ideas circulate through my brain on a daily basis. Sometimes they wake me up at night. In this case, time spent at the beach gave me the germ of an idea for a plot. Location often becomes a character in itself. Even though I know Puget Sound well, a great deal of research was required—also a challenge I embrace. When writing, I dig deep into my story and characters. Sometimes I literally cry at the end, a sign that I’ve hit gold. I’m sure other authors can relate.

Enter my Giveaway celebration! Five entrants will win a copy of Reinventing Ruthie, a book I have longed to see in print. I’m so excited! Hope you enjoy reading it.

Booklife  (Publisher’s Weekly)
“Readers of uplifting domestic fiction will be moved.”

“I loved this 5 star read and think it could be one of Kate’s best contemporaries yet. Such wonderful characters and a story told with sensitivity and caring. Beautifully written. So many issues that we all face were faced by Ruthie and the twists and turns of her life were like those that many of us can relate to. If you are a Kate Lloyd fan you will not want to miss this story. If you are not familiar with Kate, please read this.” – The Foxy Reviewist, 5-star review

“Watch out readers, Lloyd has done it again. She just might have found her niche women’s contemporary fiction. You are going to want to stop everything and run and grab a copy of this latest masterpiece.” – The Mary Reader, 5-star review

Awesome, Contemporary and Can’t Put it Down

I wasn’t sure what to expect with this more contemporary book. However I was blown away. This story pulled me in from the beginning and kept my attention. It is real life situations;rebellious teen, aging parents and a husband that left Ruthie for another woman. Kate takes Ruthie through this journey and keeps you reading to see how it goes. I won’t tell the ending but you won’t be able to stop reading til you see for yourself. – Pat Reads Books, 5-star review


Kate highlights real life situations that are stressful and people deal with daily. A rebellious teen, aging parents with health issues and a husband who left Ruthie for another woman. The storyline grabs you from page one and you continue to read to see how they all handle their situations.   Bluegrass Baby, 5-star review

Fans of Amish fiction are already familiar with Kate Lloyd’s writing talents but this new book showcases her fantastic ability for creating realistic and powerful contemporary women’s fiction. Ruthie and the other characters aren’t perfect and this story isn’t always happy but Lloyd peppers it with hope, faith, and grace. This is a poignant depiction of the struggles experienced by women of the “sandwich generation”. Kate Lloyd never disappoints me, and I highly recommend Reinventing Ruthie!. – Connie S, 5-star reivew