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Today, if I lived on an Old Order Amish farm, the item I’d miss most is my cell phone, because I can’t find mine! I turned it off last night … where is it hiding?

My goal is to get my Leaving Lancaster sequel into fabulous shape, so who needs a phone? (ha, ha) Secluded up at our island beach cabin for two weeks, I haven’t watched TV nor listened to the radio. The air is clean and breezy, and my writing time has been glorious. I find when I need a break I take a walk, visit my next-door neighbors and chat about their vegetable gardens, or watch birds.

As I check my battery run clock (I own them by choice in town too) I ponder anew what modern conveniences I’d miss if I lived on an Old Order Amish Farm. If I had the time, I’d do a thorough research project … well, actually, I’d call Amish friends (at their place of work), to find out if most Amish farms have hot running water in the home now, and use gas stoves and gas generated refrigerators. They are a very ingenious and inventive group! But I have no phone today and they don’t use the Internet.

Here is what some recent entrants to my giveaway commented when asked which modern convenience they’d miss the most if they lived on an Old Order Amish Farm:

Rosemary wrote: “I would miss my computer and IPad the most. Propane can be used instead of electricity, because it’s supposedly safer for the environment, as explained on websites such as PropaneNewYork.com … I could give up TV easily and also the phone … but the internet is something I would definitely miss!”

Karla wrote: “I would miss my computer-that is what I depend on to talk to relatives near and far, also I love the social interaction with all my wonderful FB friends! Praying friends are there 24 hours a day. I would also have missed out on meeting many authors, without FB. That would have been a TRAGEDY!!”

Sheryl: “I would miss my laptop and cell phone most of all” … Terri would miss the computer the most, as would Amber, Debbie, Sandi, Judi, Cheryl, and Jaqueline. Wendy said “her iPad”.

Pamela: “my laptop…..I don’t care much about television…..if you have the internet, you really don’t need a phone…..electric lights are great….the gas lights would work….and I love a fireplace….so definitely, my laptop.”

Joy said: “The Internet”, as did Wendy.

Maxie wrote: “I think it would be my phone” … Carol said: “Telephone”, as did Julie.

Marjorie: “the cell phone… to be able to keep track of my family & friends!!!”

Tina: “My iPhone/computer”.

Betty Ann wrote: “Cell Phone and Lights”.

Cindy said: “I would miss my washer and dryer, we use to have a wringer washer when we were little and hung clothes out to dry. The time we save is nice, but the wringer washer did clean better and clothes smelled so fresh from the outside air.”

Ramona said: “Wash Machine”, and Maggie wrote: “Dryer, I wouldn’t want to go out in the cold and hang clothes to dry, summer would be fine, you would have that clean fresh smell. In winter the clothes would be stiff as a board and would take forever to thaw out.”

Anne wrote: “I guess the one I would miss the most would be the television … the reason is because we have had many family nights crowded together enjoying a movie, documentary, etc.” And Linda agreed: “I would really miss the TV!”

Marci wrote: “Having been raised in the Old Order Mennonite community I can speak from experience. I would miss air conditioning. I’m already anxious enough as it is about keeping it working. When summer starts to approach every year I look into the Services it needs to keep running at its peak. I look back and wonder how I managed without it. There are very few people who would be able to go an entire summer without having access to a fully-functioning air conditioning system, and I’d usually be one of them. And that’s why I’m so surprised at the fact I was able to cope without it. I hope that it never happens again though. I also would miss my showers. Water was brought in from the pump and poured in a big galvanized tub for baths.” Carol also said she’d miss “showers.”

Others who’d miss Air Conditioning were Donna, Mary, Dawn, Kristin, Loretta, Gail, Beth, Amy, Kevin, Patti and Sharma. As would Tina, Catherine, Angela, and Nancee. And Lisa said: “A/C in the summer and heat in the winter”. A good reminder to us all to get our units checked to ensure we don’t lose it during those hottest days (be it by booking in www.thecomfortdoctors.com/hvac-repair/ or another local service).

Pamela wrote: “The dishwasher!!” And Shirley said: “would miss my modern stove”.

Mary wrote: “Knowing that different conveniences are allowed in different places, I am going with a flush toilet in the house. Back in the day, when our rural home had no electricity or running water and was equipped with one of those little outhouses, I can attest that it was easier to get along without electric and to carry water. Having to go out in the dark of night, a rainstorm or bad winter weather was much worse!”

Paula, Kate, Ladette, Stardust, Bobbe, Rose, and Thelma voted for “indoor powder rooms”.

Tasha wrote: “Electricity!! I remember during Hurricane Katrina, we were out of electricity for 5 LONG days, and it was HORRIBLE!!! We are a spoiled generation… But I do thank God for it.. :)”

Ruth Ellen, Lisa, Carolyn, Lynn, Shari, Denise, and Virginia would miss “electricity”. And Karen wrote: “Electricity for my computer and air conditioning!”

Lynn wrote: “Ah – electricity or some type of generator that would allow the means to heat water for washing clothes, dishes and keeping warm during the cold PA months.”

Georgia wrote: “hot water heater”, and Mary Lou wrote: “would miss running water the most”. Sharon said: “Running hot water”. Esther would miss her “running water the most, plus electricity & cars as well”.

laundry and birdhouse

Johnda said: “I could switch from my electric stove, could handle washing without the washer & dryer and give up my Keurig, but I think what I would miss most is the convenience of my microwave.”

Linda: “I would miss my washer and dryer”, and also Geraldine opted for “laundry appliances”.

Sandy wrote: “I think it would be the clothes dryer in the winter, and maybe if they couldn’t have propane gas, it may be the fridge.”

Georgia: “electric water pump … hot water tank would be next. I guess they go hand in hand”.

Karen Anna: “I’d really miss my FoodSaver. I’ve canned for years, but when I found that miracle machine, good-bye canning ;)”

Mary Louise wrote: “My car”, and Donna said: “Automobile”

Tambi: “I would miss my family pictures or taking them. I love going back and looking at what my kids and grandkids looked like and how they have grown … and comparing who they look like the most as they are growing.”

Thanks, everyone, for your comments! I’ve been so focused on using my computer, and looking for my phone, that I’d forgotten about my car and camera! I’d miss them!