Amish Quilt Giveaway!

I’d planned to host a book launch party when Leaving Lancaster released March 1, 2012, but couldn’t settle on a theme, other than I had a hankering to give away an Amish quilt as part of the celebration.

Kate Lloyd admiring Emma Stoltzfus' quilts in Lancaster, PA.

Hunting for that Amish quilt!

Last fall, when my husband and I visited Lancaster County, PA, I started my search by going to the Quilt Museum on the second floor of The Old Country Store in Intercourse. I immediately fell in love with a magnificent amish quilts on display at the museum, but the quilt wasn’t for sale. Downstairs, on the first floor, hung dozens of lovely quilts, but nothing grabbed my eyes or warmed my heart. My husband patiently escorted me through other shops, but no quilt compared to the fabulous one I’d admired at the museum.

Our Amish friends, Sam and Susie, suggested we contact their niece, Emma Stoltzfus, a premier quilter, by phone. My husband and I tried calling the number they’d given us several times and got an answering machine. Since Old Order Amish don’t keep phones in their homes, I held little hope we’d reach her. The next day, my husband and I went back to the Old Country Store in Intercourse and a kind saleswoman showed me more quilts. In the meantime, my husband wandered upstairs to the museum. Returning, he exclaimed that the fabulous quilt I’d admired earlier was made by Emma Soltzfus. I told him there could easily be a hundred quilters in Lancaster County by that name. But it turned out to be made by our friends’ niece!

What a lovely Sunshine Diamond Amish quilt!

What a lovely Sunshine Diamond Amish quilt!

Surprise! She called us soon after from her quilting shop, next to her house where she’s allowed a phone, and graciously invited us over. At first I was overwhelmed by the sheer abundance of colors, patterns, the meticulous craftsmanship. Finally, I asked Emma, for her help in picking out the finest hand stitching and bought the queen-size Sunshine Diamond Amish beauty with dark-midnight on the back-side!

Don’t miss your chance to win it! I don’t want to leave anyone out! Please go to my FaceBook Author Page March 1st to 8th for instructions.

My best wishes to the lucky winner, chosen at random by the publishing house as a favor to me. The winner will be announced March 9, 2012, on Facebook!