A Keeper

When I beachcomb, my eyes scrutinize and admire the unique pebbles. Many catch my attention, but only one or two land in my pocket. So it goes with people. Marian is a keeper.

I met 97-year-old Marian in a Bible study; she and I clicked. I’ve forgotten how many years ago-she’d probably recall because her memory outshines mine. One of her daughters told me, “We don’t know how Mom does it.” Marian remembers her pupils in the one-room schoolhouse where she once taught, and the names of her father’s farmhands and horses from her childhood. And Scripture. At the bottom of a birthday card to me she wrote: “A friend loveth at all times.” Proverbs 17:17.

Acquaintances might assume Marian is a mother figure because of our age difference. But she’s not; she’s my dear girlfriend. Besides her witty sense of humor, her honesty, kindness, and insightfulness, she’s a good listener. And she enjoys walking, one of my favorite pastimes.

The most valuable lesson I’ve learned from Marian is that often the best way to help a person in need is to pray for them, instead of dashing about trying to solve their problem. My son once asked me why a woman he didn’t even know would pray for him, but that is classic Marian; she is interested in others and believes the Lord hears her. How blessed I am to receive her prayers!