Sipping my coffee this morning I could hear the rain drizzling down. Piper hates walking in the rain. So I opened my laptop to the local weather station and peeked at the hourly forecast to see it was 47 degrees with a high of 64! What happened to springtime in the Puget Sound area? Watching the weather forecast on TV for the rest of the country I saw that much of it was intolerably high. Air conditioning material.

Having lived in Connecticut on my grandma’s farm with no AC, I recall those hot and humid days followed by driving rain and fierce electrical storms, which we rarely have here in the Pacific Northwest. Although a lightning strike killed our beloved oak tree several years back.

Dressed in fleece but I needed mittens!

I can hear our furnace going in the basement. In June?

Yesterday I spoke to a friend who lives in a condominium with no heat this time of year. On a normal year this would not be a problem, but she says she’s freezing and is relying on her small space-heaters to keep her warm. “Unconscionable,” was her description.

Blue hydrangea brought down by an afternoon of heavy rain.

When we were up on the island last weekend a neighbor, a hale and hearty lady who thinks nothing of diving into the Puget Sound’s icy waters in summer, mentioned that this is the coldest spring she can remember. She can’t wait for summer to finally arrive. We are all ready for that glorious warmth!

A good friend and her husband own Silver Maple Farm not far from here. Their website states: “Due to Western Washington’s 8th coldest April and rainiest May ever recorded, many of our crops have been delayed and quantities are limited as we enter the 2022 season.”

When the clouds part, even briefly, it reminds me that there’s light at the end of the tunnel!

Weather plays a role in my novels, even (or especially) when it’s not used to advance the storyline. It can set a mood, fill in sensory details, provide insight into a character, or drive a plot, as this excerpt from Stage Fright shows:

Nick led me to the front door and pushed it open. Soggy air gusted in. Outside, sheets of rain slapped the street, invading the gutter.
He grimaced at the sky. “I’d suggest waiting for the weather to improve, but it could pour like this all night.”
“We can walk. I’ll be fine.” We had no other choice, even if it meant ruining my only dress pumps.

In spite of the chilly days, Piper and I intend to bundle up and celebrate the first day of summer by holding a Giveaway! Enter to win a $100 Amazon gift card and one of my books! Winner has three days to claim their prizes. I will send the winner an e-mail. US and Canada only.

Enter Kate's giveaway by April 25

Enter my giveaway for a chance to win a $100 Amazon gift card and a copy of any of my books.  Winner has three days to claim their prizes by returning my email. US and Canada only.  Good luck!