Mona Lisa Smiles

Mona Lisa Smiles

With Papa dead and Mama in assisted living, Mona Lisa Buttaro plans to sell the family home and restaurant, but her quirky brother, Joey, is a roadblock. Joey works at the family restaurant, and if she sells Booty’s where else could Joey work?

Mona Lisa hires former classmate Cliff McFarlane to do repairs on the family home. Newly sober, Cliff was in the popular crowd that excluded her in the past, but she is still attracted to him — not that she’d let him know. Mona Lisa wonders if she should give up on all men — unless she could find one like Papa, whom she idolized. Then she makes an outrageous discovery.

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Kirkus Reviews

Lloyd’s prose is buoyant and engaging throughout. The novel will win readers over with its deftly drawn characters and spirited scenes. A charming novel about how family can be destiny.

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Loved this book

I started reading this book and I just couldn’t put it down. Very well written, and a great read. Kate Lloyd never disappoints. Can’t wait for the next book!

 Sarah Williams, 5-star review

Another great book

I am a huge fan of Kate and this is another great book. Definitely recommend reading this one!

Crystal Weaver, 5-star review