Forever Amish, Legacy of Lancaster Trilogy Book 3

Forever Amish

(Legacy of Lancaster Trilogy, Book 3)

The latest book, completing the Legacy of Lancaster Trilogy, Forever Amish introduces us to a young woman about to uncover a shocking secret and find an invitation to a new way of living. This is a story of forgiveness, legacies, and the ties that bind through generations.

Endorsements – What people are saying about “Forever Amish”


Becky’s Book Addiction
“Kate writes with a depth of soul that is hard to find in many novels. Her characters are as real as real life, and their issues are things we all face in our day to day lives, so they are relatable and sympathetic. Five Stars, Two Thumbs Up, and a Welsh Corgi puppy for a companion.”

Amish Reader: “This novel will have you on the edge of your seat from page one to the conclusion”… The plot is exceptional and genuinely thought provoking, making this book hard to put down”.

Good Reads:
“I loved this sweet story! I would even read it again.” and “Reading Forever Amish sparked my interest enough as to where I will read the others in the series.” – Holly Harkins

The Mary Reader
5 Stars!
“This book will stay on my shelf. I gave this book 5 stars. I recommend it.”

Working Mommy Journal
5 Stars!
“I truly fell in love with this book…A truly wonderful story of forgiveness and family.”

Things From A Grandma’s Point Of View
“I love reading about the Amish and Kate Lloyd really kept me wanting more in this book. You will enjoy it from the first page.”

Ramblings of a Coffee Addicted Writer
“Kate Lloyd is a wonderful writer and she cleverly uses her magic touch to write a great ending to the the Legacy of Lancaster Trilogy.” – Billy B.

More of Him
5 Star
“This is a definite stand alone book, even though it’s part of a series. You won’t be lost as to what’s going on or who is who, which is always nice. However, this book was so good, you’ll definitely want to read the others in the series. I really enjoyed this book because it was written from a totally different perspective and the theme of forgiveness and keeping secrets. I give this book a 5 out of 5 star rating.” – Julie

“There is one thing about it, this is for sure not a boring Amish story. There are many twists and turns, most of them will take you off guard, and having you wondering what will happen next.”

What Readers are Saying About Forever Amish

“Started in early aftenoon…took a break for dinner, then read until finished. Well developed characters. Great story of the difficulty of forgivness.” – Carol Whaley

“5 Stars!  The book is a part of series, but works well as a stand-alone book. – Eva Caplova

“Kate Lloyd has outdone herself with this final book of the Legacy of Lancaster trilogy. It is so good that it arrived in the mail yesterday and I finished within 12 hours! It is certainly a well-written book on forgiveness and family and the love and problems that accompany families.”

“What a compelling read! Packed with emotion from the very first page, Sally’s distress is palpable. Her world is unraveling, exposing raw wounds she didn’t realize were festering. Her journey of discovery makes for a spellbinding story. I was as anxious and she was to put the puzzle pieces together. But oh how complicated her life becomes once she has the answers she is seeking. What a lovely, complicated mess!”

“Kate Lloyd has taken an unexpected approach in the last of this series by introducing a young Englisch woman and her father and creating an unpredictable and unexpected adventure into the Amish community. Deception is a strong theme that could sever relationships or potentially bind them together. A strong contrast between the Amish life and the modern ways of the non-Amish are well delineated throughout this fast-paced novel. The consequences that result from a life of deception are well portrayed throughout, and forgiveness becomes the focus in the lives of the characters in this complex story. The author has created a thought-provoking and strong moral thread in this final book in this series. This could easily be a stand-alone book, not reliant on the prequels. Enjoy!”

“Really good … manages to tell it’s great story without falling into the same old mold as most Amish romance-fiction novels. If you like Amish fiction, you’ll like this! Kate Lloyd is an author to keep our eyes on in this genre.”

“I have enjoyed reading Legacy of Lancaster series. Forever Amish does not disappoint. It is full of secrets, drama, romance and Amish life style. I love the characters and would like to see more of them in the future.”

“The story between the covers of Forever Amish caused me to lose sleep. Not because it troubled me, only that I could not lay it on my bedside table and turn out the light. Kate Lloyd certainly does not write a boring story, she is a master storyteller. Even if I needed toothpicks to keep my eyes open, I intended to see what was on the next page…the next, and the next!”

“This book kept me glued to my chair!!! Kate writes with the aim of keeping the reader captivated from beginning to end. The last page leaves you wanting more!! I wanted this series to go on forever. It begins with elements of mystery, leading into romance, secrets and ultimately, forgiveness. … The main characters are realistic and well described, in such a way, that their hurts, struggles and worries become your own. … The plot was well developed and quick moving. It kept me guessing throughout the book, due to all of the twists and turns. Mystery, confusion and romance made this story alive with its action.  All in all, Kate has written another winner, in my opinion!! I would definitely recommend this book to all readers!!”