A Portrait of Marguerite

A Portrait of Marguerite

When single mom Marguerite Carr’s son leaves for college, she feels as though her life has lost its focus. A friend drags Marguerite to a drawing class — her first since college — where she rediscovers her long-lost passion for painting, finds unexpected love, and learns that forgiveness covers all, even our worst sins and deepest, darkest secrets. A Portrait of Marguerite is a real-life contemporary novel that isn’t afraid to lift the corner of the rug to expose secrets and regret, while also offering hope of spiritual, personal, and creative growth.

Endorsements – What people are saying about “A Portrait for Marguerite”

A Portrait of Marguerite is one of the best debut novels I’ve read … I thoroughly enjoyed this debut novel from Lloyd and read it in only two sittings. Bravo, Kate. I’m looking forward to reading more from you. Novel Reviews gives A Portrait of Marguerite a high recommendation.” ”
Ane Milligan, author of the bestselling Chapel Springs series

“Even when we think we have made mistakes in the portrait of our lives, God’s hand is always guiding ours. This is the message of A Portrait of Marguerite you can take to heart.”
Angela Hunt, The Fine Art of Insincerity

“Praises for first novelist Kate Lloyd. A Portrait of Marguerite captures the heart and the struggles of the heroine with expert craftsmanship.”
DiAnn Mills, Attracted to Fire

“I’m hooked. Will Marguerite keep painting? What will happen to the broken relationships around her and to the new love in her life? When I close the book, Marguerite’s life is so real I feel I’d like to meet her for coffee, maybe somewhere around Green Lake. We’d talk about our lives, forgiveness, and the paintings we’re working on. Kudos to Kate Lloyd!”
— Inger Logenlin, Northwest Christian Author News Letter, Published by the Northwest Christian Writer’s Association

“Marguerite (Margo) Carr is at a pivotal time in her life. Her son is headed to college, her realtor job is at a standstill, and her ex-husband shows up out of nowhere. What else could happen?

“Margo had given up her dreams of becoming a successful artist long ago. Now she finds herself in a drawing class in which the instructor turns out to be a close friend to her ex-husband.

“Margo’s life soon explodes into a succession of events that will change her life. She cynically professes that she gave up on God a long time ago. But has God given up on her?

A Portrait of Marguerite reminds us that even when we think God has forgotten us, we’re ever on His mind. Recommend this engaging well-written novel as a leisurely weekend read.”
— Connie Maier, for AspiringRetail Magazine, October 2006

“Marguerite is a fabulous lead character … ”
— midwestbookreview.com

“Kate Lloyd’s talent shines.”
— novelreviews.blogspot.com

A Portrait of Marguerite is warm and realistic. Each of the characters are unique and different. You’ll celebrate with some and you’ll be discouraged by the choices of others, just like real people. It is surprisingly enjoyable. Recommended.”
— christianfictionreview.com



A Portrait of Marguerite: A Novel (Kindle Edition)
5 Star Review for A Portrait of Marguerite: A Masterpiece, March 6, 2013

“I don’t give out reviews unless they’re 5 stars because my mom drilled it into me, “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all…” So, when a book is truly outstanding, I want to cheer the authors on and thank them. Thank you, Kate!

As a graduated empty nester, I can say that this book portrays the feels one goes through during this difficult time. It’s also about taking care of elderly parents, keeping close ties with girlfriends, career…I just loved the strength of the main character. But guilt over something Marguerite did as a teenager haunts her. She finds healing step-by-step and you find yourself wondering about your own past…those skeletons in the closet we all try to hide. When they’re out in broad daylight, and viewed from a Christian perspective of forgiveness and redemption, you’re free.

An amazing story and perfect gift for any woman at any age, as so many women’s issues are dealt with, so masterfully.

Oh, and I must add, the writing is outstanding. Kate Lloyd is a real talent.” – K. Vogel

This was such a fantastic novel! I’ve never read anything by this author, actually I’d never even heard of her before, but I can tell her writing will go far. Such a captivating and compelling tale about a woman looking for a second chance at life. Life’s lessons unfold all around her as she makes her journey toward true self-discovery. From an artistic standpoint, it is a rather inspiring story, and certainly got me heading in the right direction again. At the heart of the story we learn to be ourselves, and to not allow the past to hold us captive.  Jennifer Mcgee, Goodreads

What Readers are Saying About A Portrait of Marguerite

“This is one of the best books I have read in a while (and I read constantly). The story is about a single mom dealing with an empty nest as her son goes off to college. She imagines that all her friends have perfect lives, while she continues to have problems, both work and personal. I don’t want give anything away but in the end she finds that everyone has at least one skeleton in their closet. The story is easy to read and follow, with just enough detail to keep you hooked. I couldn’t put this down!”

“Five stars! I loved it because of the way the author described the characters and the situations they experienced. I was able to relate to being a single mom, having self doubts, disliking blind dates, ex husband, parents who are human and make mistakes. So much more. Read this book and see if you love it as much as I do.”

“A lovely and inspirational book about creativity. This book is definitely for women who are seeking to learn more about themselves and about their own creativity. It has something for men, too, but I consider it a book that any woman will enjoy because it has a strong woman’s voice. It is about seeking to know more about oneself, but it is also about being able to forgive past mistakes and learn from them. It is about forgiveness as well, and the ability to grow and learn from the mistakes of others. A lovely and inspirational book.”

“Have a hard time finding well-written novels in this genre? Then I highly recommend this author. Her characters have depth and the story-line is compelling. Her writing is heads above most of what’s out there. From the moment Marguerite walks into Henry Marsh’s art class, you suspect her world will never be the same again. What she learns, however, will surprise and delight you. I found this book hard to put down.”

A Portrait of Marguerite is my first read by Kate Lloyd. If one is searching for personal encouragement, this is a well-written, uplifting story, free of unnecessary expletives and sexual innuendo. What a relief…a good story without having to wade through stuff that is foreign to my way of life! The name “Kate Lloyd” will catch my eye for future – I’ll know this will be a story I will enjoy reading.”

“This book was a joy to read! I was sorry when it ended! The characters were nicely developed. I read lots of books that I enjoy, but some stand out as memorable. This is definitely one of them for me! I hope Kate Lloyd continues writing lots of books!”

“I don’t read a lot of women’s fiction, but I really enjoyed this book. Lloyd has captured the angst that so many of us empty nesters feel as our one and onlys leave and we are left to flounder. To create a life separate from our children. She has a great concept in focusing on women rediscovering themselves. The loss of self is almost universal, at least among those of us who stayed home and raised our kids and now wonder where we got lost in the process. I hope her next book is about a writer!”

“Written like a true artist, each page adding more color and beauty to the story. I loved it. I loved looking forward to reading a little more each night, wanting it to last forever…but I hit a point and couldn’t put it down–just had to see the finished portrait. I wasn’t disappointed!”

“This is a well written character study of a woman whose only reason for existence over the past two decades is her son until now when she begins to understand that life is so much greater if one passionately goes for it as God would want of his children. Marguerite is a fabulous lead character who learns to believe in the Lord, herself, and her love for Henry as even the darkest secrets are nothings when willingly revealed in the light. Readers will enjoy this wonderful inspirational romance that feels so real even when everything comes together too perfectly to be plausible as Kate Lloyd’s talent shines.”