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A Letter From Lancaster County

(Lancaster Discoveries, Book 1)

Two Sisters Get a Second Chance at Life and Love

Her mother’s untimely death, a struggling marriage, a strained relationship with her sister, Rose, and regrets over what might have been haunt her. Despite being a wife and mother, she feels she has little to show for her life.

Still single, she longs for a husband and children. But Angela has all that and still isn’t happy. Rose wants to be closer to her older sister, but she and Angela couldn’t be more different. Both strong women, will their sibling rivalry ever end?

When a letter arrives from Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, Angela and Rose decide to visit Aunt Sylvia, their mother’s Mennonite sister, in the heart of Amish country. This vacation could provide the opportunity both sisters need to sort out their issues. And yet instead of finding a new way of connecting with each other, Angela and Rose discover surprising family secrets that add to their strife and threaten Rose’s romance with a new beau.

Through it all, the two sisters must find the faith necessary to face their personal problems and allow God to restore hope and healing to their hearts and relationship as only He can.

Endorsements – What people are saying about “A Letter From Lancaster County”


The Mary Book Reader
I loved this book from page one. It is a 5 star book and one not to be missed. I can’t wait for book two, Starting from Scratch.

Savings in Seconds
I loved how Kate Lloyd reached down into the characters’ pasts to show how much it defines the present.

What I appreciated most about A Letter from Lancaster County was that it didn’t fall in the traditional patterns of an Amish fiction novel. There was an interesting contrast between the English and Mennonite worlds that stretched the reader to accept both. For that reason, I think it would appeal to readers across most women’s fiction genres.

A Simple Life, really?!
Great story and great characters, too!

Maureen’s Musings
I personally loved the epilogue, what a great conclusion to this book..

Christian Bookaholic
I really enjoyed A Letter From Lancaster County. It was a wonderful, warm novel that spoke to my heart.

This Chattanooga Mommy Saves
This is my first read from Lloyd, but I was not disappointed at all! This was an amazing read full of  well developed, relatable characters and an amazing story that’s heartfelt. It’s one of those books that keeps you up at night because you just have to know what happens next. I found myself flipping through the pages at a steady pace. It’s definitely a book that I’d want to read again. I can’t wait to see what book 2 has in store for us!

This story was hard to put down. I also felt that I was close to the sisters while reading. There was just something about Kate’s writing that made me feel close to them. It was great. I loved her writing for this story. A fun faced paced story that I really enjoyed and can’t wait to get into another book by Kate.

Lighthouse Academy
Fans of Kate Lloyd will adore this new women’s fiction. Dynamic protagonists and increasingly tense narrative sets the scene for a heart-wrenching and engaging story.

Cheryl Baranski
Kate Lloyd has written a story that will have you turning page after page so you can see what happens next. Characters and a story line that you will surely love.

Inklings and Notions
An excellent story on family dynamics and learning to move past family issues. I like that this book is a bit different from your normal Amish fiction.

Patti Gallagher, Librarian, Growth Garden Library
This book was quite a surprise to me. I assumed it would be an Amish/Mennonite romance but it was a well crafted tale of two sisters and their estranged aunt. Loved the depth of each character as well as the vividly descriptive portrait of Lancaster County.

Kelsey Perkins, CBA Christian Market Magazine
Lloyd does a wonderful job displaying family dynamics, both with Angela and her sister, as well as Angela and her husband, and the girls and their aunt.  It is a great read.

What Readers Are Saying About A Letter From Lancaster County

“I just finished A Letter From Lancaster County and LOVED it. I cannot wait to read Starting From Scratch.” – ‪Robin Whitaker‪

“Excellent book….read it last week and enjoyed it from beginning to end….every family has secrets hidden in the closets!!!” – Debra Nelson

“Kate is an excellent writer in anything she does. I strongly recommend this book to people who like contemporary Christian and of course Kate Lloyd!!!  Great job Kate!!! – Lori Parrish

Kate Lloyd has done an excellent job writing this book and telling the story of these characters in a way that makes you not want to stop reading. – Amazon Customer, 5 stars

This is the type of story that you can’t put down. You want to know what’s going to happen next. I loved all the characters. I can’t wait to read the 2nd one. I recommend to everyone to read it, you won’t be disappointed. – Santaigoon, Amazon Review, 5 stars

Another wonderful read by Kate Lloyd. – Margaret D., Amazon Review, 5 stars

Really enjoyed the book. The story back and forth between the two sisters made me keep rethinking what would happen next as I was reading which made the book interesting and I liked the ending. Looking forward to the next in the series. – Brooklyn’s Mom, Amazon Review, 5 stars

Great story and great characters too! – Jalynn Patterson, Amazon Review, 5 stars

Truly a well written book, believable characters that captured your interest from the very beginning. I loved this story and had a hard time pulling away from the book. Kate Lloyd has a wonderful book here and I know other readers will enjoy this story as much as I did. – Linda Z., Amazon Review, 5 stars